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How Can My Business Become a Terrorz Sponsor? 


Becoming a league sponsor is easy. The first step is contacting us about your interest. We hope you will read over our Sponsorship Brochure and consider what options you'd most enjoy. Remember, we're always open to new ideas and new partnerships. Please contact us to discuss further details. 


Terrorz is a skater-owned and operated league. The majority of our income comes from skater dues. We happily accept sponsorship for our league.


Sponsorhips in the past have included a business or organization contributing:

  • Financial Support

  • Merchandise for away-team gifts

  • Provided team dinners

  • Discounted goods and services


In return Terrorz have provided: 

  • Logo and advertisement space on posters, websites, facebook and bout programs

  • Booth space at home bouts

  • Banner space

  • PA announcements during our games

  • Logo placement on team uniforms

  • Special guests for events


​The possibilities are endless! Community support is very important to the league and we'd be happy to work with you to help meet your needs. Contact, or download our sponsorship brochure. 

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