About the Derby Terrorz Roller Derby League. 

Established in 2011, Terrorz Roller Derby is Columbus, Indiana’s only all-female, flat track, skater owned and operated roller derby league. Our goal is to bring roller derby to Columbus and surrounding small towns, to set a positive example for girls of all ages by showing them that women can be strong and independent, can balance work, family and social activities, can compete (and excel) in a male dominated sports world, and can build positive relationships with other women by playing a competitive sport. In 2016 the league voted to update the league name from Terrorz of Tiny Towns to simply Terrorz Roller Derby. 


How Can I Become a Skater?

Terrorz are always accepting new league members. Simply start showing up to practices and we'll give you all the details. No experience necessary!

Here are the basic requirements: 

  • Be 18+ years of age

  • Have proof of personal medical insurance

  • Dedicate time to the sport

  • Pay monthly dues

  • Serve on a league committee

  • Purchase WFTDA insurance after becoming a league member

  • Purchase skates and other safety gear (you can borrow to start). 

  • Contact terrorzrollerderby@gmail.com if you have more questions about becoming a Terrorz Skater. 


What If I'm Not Female? 

Men are also welcome to be a part of our league as referees - on skates, or as non-skating officials or volunteers. No experience necessary! Keep reading for more details. 


How Can I Become a Non-Skating Official or Volunteer? 

Not everyone is interested in skating, but we have many jobs available for anyone who is interested in helping out. Non-skating officials, or NSOs, help keep score, track penalties and track line ups. Other volunteer jobs include: laying the track, selling merchandise, selling/taking tickets, being and EMT and more. Contact terrorzrollerderby@gmail.com if you have more questions about becoming a non-skating league member or volunteer.


How Can My Business Help the League?

Terrorz is a skater-owned and operated league. The majority of our income comes from skater dues. We happily accept sponsorship for our league. Sponsorships in the past have included a business or organization contributing:

  • Financial Support

  • Merchandise for away-team gifts

  • Provided team dinners

  • Discounted goods and services

In return Terrorz have provided: 

  • Logo and advertisement space on posters, websites, facebook and bout programs

  • Booth space at home bouts

  • Banner space

  • PA announcements during our games

  • Logo placement on team uniforms

  • Special guests for events 

​The possibilities are endless! Community support is very important to the league and we'd be happy to work with you to help meet your needs. Contact terrorzrollerderby.marketing@gmail.com or download our sponsorship brochure.