Terroz Board of Directors (BOD)

Our league is skater owned and operated. The Board of Directors make decisions for the team. Each Board of Directors member has a specific role, many have their own committees. 


Mortica At-ems, Secretary 

I have been skating with the Terrorz since 2012. 

Roller derby gives me a place to be comfortable in my skin. My size and strength has made it hard to really fit in playing other sports, and derby is the first one that not only welcomed those, but exalted them. There is nothing more exhilarating than going to battle beside and fighting for my derby sisters.

Devilish, Events

I have been skating with the Terrorz since 2015. 

Roller Derby is the first sport I felt that I was good at and that regardless of my body size or shape I could be strong and confident in playing. It was the hardest thing I'd ever tried but also the most rewarding.

I love that everyone truly has heart for our sport and the team. We lift each other up. And we are successful as a team not individuals. It is a pleasure and honor to watch all of my team mates grow as skaters and to see that confidence leak out into their everyday life.

I think folks should get involved with roller derby if they are looking for a way to help themselves become a better human. Everyone needs something that is just for them. Being part of the Terrorz makes me a better parent, sister, friend, and employee. I love getting to witness that happen for my team mates as well.


Joan of Snarc (she/they), Marketing Co-Chair

I have been skating with the Terroz since 2015

I have been involved in several different sports teams over my lifetime and I can assure you that Roller Derby is a unique experience. If you are looking for a place where you can push yourself, grow, and be surrounded by a supportive community, derby is the spot for you. 

Adelea the Hun, Marketing Co-Chair

I have been skating with the team since 2017.

I love that roller derby allows me to play a team sport as an adult. It gives me a physical outlet and the chance to play a contact sport. I love that it allows me to build relationships with people because I'm pretty introverted and don't meet new people very often.

I like that the Terrorz, while competitive on the track, is also a fairly laid back team and we do lots of bonding activities.


I think people should try because it's a great sport and an opportunity to meet new people. They might find a new hobby and even if they don't end up wanting to play, they tried something new.


ZomBrie Dust, Treasurer

Posion Ivy, Skatership


Katniss Evermean, Inter-League Coordinator